The wrong right tool

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It sounds wrong, doesn’t it? What do I mean “the wrong right tool”? The old saying is “the right tool for the right job” and after all I needed a shovel and I used a shovel, it’s not like I tried using a rake to do any digging, not that I wasn’t tempted. 😉 I mean it exactly what it says. I had the right tool but the wrong model so it didn’t work as well as it would have.

I had a “real tools for kids” shovel because it was cheap and I was running out of money, so I needed something to get started while I saved up for a better shovel. Just to help illustrate my point, with pictures no less, here’s a before and after picture of the shovel. Keep in mind that all I did at this point was use it to outline the perimeter of my garden plot.

A picture of the shovel pre-use
The wrong right tool (the shovel) pre-use


The bent shovel
It was the wrong right tool for the job.



See what I mean now?!? It’s practically at a 90 degree angle from where it’s supposed to be!!

Now I did get a proper shovel and it did last throughout the whole thing, digging and all, though I will point out that I did hear a bit of cracking in the handle a couple of times….<insert ominous music here>

The proper shovel
The right right tool can make all the difference