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Ever have them? A day where you go “It’s just one of those days” because everything seems to be going wrong, or at least that ONE thing you really wanted and/or needed to get done goes wrong? Boy I sure have. In fact yesterday was one such day.

When I first moved all my websites from my old host to Hostgator, I didn’t do it all at once, I moved a couple at a time and I tried a couple of different ways. What did I learn? I will never ever move a blog the way I moved Saltwater Fish Keeping. I moved it by copying all the files from the one host and pasting them into the other. Not making and restoring a backup mind you, just a straight copy. Yesterday, after a couple years now, I decided to “fix” it as I could not upload photos and I had stalled and stalled on fixing it.

So yesterday I decided to take the hour or so (HA!) and finally fix the problem. I tried a couple of different ways in order to minimize the amount of time and work involved. It ended up taking me several hours, much much more effort, and I still need to take care of some plugins and other such fun stuff. Blah.

But the problem is now, finally, fixed.

I may, in some future post, document how to properly move a blog from one host to another, but for now I’m taking today and going to my daughter’s track invitational.

The point of this post? Great question, here’s my answer: Throughout your blogging experiences you will have times where things go wrong. It happens. Sometimes you have to undo, or redo, something you did a long time ago. It happens. What is important is that you don’t stop, you continue on.

It would have been real easy to just walk away yesterday and drop the site altogether. I have done similar before, but had I pressed on then, I would have been much farther ahead than I am now. Press on. That’s what gets you through.

Just press on.

– Jeffery