Digging the garden (yucky, blechy, and blah)

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My community garden plot
Before it shattered my dreams

I finished digging up my community garden plot in accordance to my “master plan”.  Man what a royal pain in my great workout that was. Ahem. I decided to let it sit and dry out for a while to help kill off some of the grass and weeds (of course it has done lots of raining since then).  My plan is to go back and turn the soil over again, maybe a couple of times, as it’s not quite “planting season” I’m guessing, and I am guessing, I haven’t actually bothered to research when the ideal planting time is.

My hope is that by turning over the soil at least once more that it will help to kill off even more grass and weeds. I’m sure there’s a more effective way to do it, but if I had the answers then I wouldn’t be “I am not a gardener” now would I? Or it would mean I bothered to do some research, whichever.

Now I do have some seeds in a seed starter thingy, and I’ll cover that more when I talk about what all I’m thinking of putting into the garden.

A picture of my first digging
This was the end result after my first digging

I think it actually took me longer to finish digging up the rows the second time I worked on itthan it did the first time. My back was killing me long before I finished it, but I pressed on because I absolutely DID NOT want to have to go and dig up a bunch more sod for a third time.

Actually I wouldn’t have done it for the second time if I thought I could actually get away with it. As you can see in the picture, after my first digging I had four “rows”, such as they are, on one end and two on the other end. That was for me in order to help figure out how many total rows there would be and I hoped that psychologically I would get a false sense of near-completion. It didn’t work.

As you can see by this last picture, my rows are pretty much set. I don’t think I will be doing

A picture of my plot all dug up
It looks even less impressive in person

any more digging (new rows I mean, I still need to turn these over again) unless I run into a bunch more stuff that I’d like to plant.

I’ve kind of been putting off going over there, partially because of the weather, partially because of concerns about my back, and mostly because I don’t like getting dirty. So this has been a real… not an eye opener, I’ve helped people in gardens before, test of my mettle as I could have just as easily decided to “forget it” and let the college keep the money. It wasn’t very much AND I’m generous like that.

For the next couple of posts I’m going to go over my community garden plot layout (or lack thereof) and also go over what seeds I have and what I’m thinking about adding. Keeping this blog updated regularly is fairly easy in the early stages, but once things get done and I’m waiting for the harvest of souls food and pretty flowers to come around I really don’t know what I’ll do. Farmville anyone?

– Jeffery