Forced Teamwork?

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Can you force a group of people to be a team?

No, not really.

In an employment situation, you can force the group to be polite, but you cannot force them to do much else.

You can’t force them to respect each other, nor trust each other, nor to work as a team.

Trying to get a team to act like a team by forcing their actions doesn’t work.

Even in the movie, The Avengers, forcing them didn’t work.  They had to do it on their own, it was only when their thinking changed that the real teamwork started.

In the real world, if you want a team to act like a team you need to change their thinking.  It can no longer be “This is quickest and easiest for me”, rather it needs to be “This is the best for whoever deals with it next.”

Any other way just doesn’t work.  They aren’t a team, they’re just a group of people.


– Jeffery