The Best Kind of Arguments

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Yes indeed, there is a kind of arguing that is great to have.

Politics or religion?




Yes, superheros.

A guy I know, not quite a friend but more than a friendly acquaintance, has a girlfriend in college and she invited him to a homecoming dance which is a superhero formal theme.

Now neither one of us knew what exactly that meant, because it seems it’s either going to have a superhero theme, or it’s going to be formal, not both.  Superman with a bow tie perhaps?

So after a serious discussion about what exactly that might entail, we got down to discussing what kind of superhero he should be.  Spiderman?  Maybe.  Her costume is a pink dress.  This wasn’t very helpful since neither one of us could figure out what that had to do with superheros.  Women!

We both agreed that he should dress like a superhero that is not so popular that everyone would dress like him, but popular enough so people would at least recognize him.

Bruce Wayne and Selena Kyle maybe?  That’s Batman and Catwoman, the only girl (and a villian at that) to capture Batman’s heart, at least in all the versions of Batman I know about.

Or James Bond, hero (though not a superhero per SE) and formal all at the same time.

Then he suggested Mario as her pink dress would make her Princess Peach.  I pointed out that Mario is not formal.  He said Mario wears overalls.  Overalls are not formal, even with a bow tie I replied.

Mario has a mustache he said.  So do rednecks, I said, and they’re not formal.

After much debating, I suggested he go as a Care Bear.

He didn’t know Care Bears had powers, can you believe that?

Then I suggested Hefty Smurf.  He laughed.

Or he could go as a Power Ranger.  Oh no he couldn’t he replied, he has to maintain his manliness and Power Rangers weren’t manly.  He’s 20 by the way, so that’s very important to him.

At any rate, eventually the argument ran its course and we went on to other topics.

Look, if you really are in the mood to have an argument, try to pick something that’s going to make you laugh.


– Jeffery