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A Money Tree
A Money Tree

My name is Jeffery Wood and I am not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination. It’s actually not an enjoyable hobby for me for one thing. I know, I know; why then? I’ll get to that.

The picture, by the way, is of a plant called a Money Tree and it was a birthday gift from my brother.

I like plants and flowers. My favorite flower is of course the rose, and I prefer antique roses to hybrids. My general rule for flowers is: if they look pretty but have no fragrance, then why bother?

I have studied plants mainly for the purpose of making money with them. I’ve looked at growing gourmet garlic, gourmet mushrooms, baby corn, heirloom roses, growing corn/wheat/soy for biodiesel and for ethanol-based fuels, growing bonsai plants and carnivorous plants, etc etc.

Knowing how to take care of them and being able to take care of them are two different things. What little I have is in the way of knowledge (sorta) but not really in practice. So I’ve rented a 20×20 foot section in a local community garden and started to document my process.

So follow along if you want to watch someone who knows little, with even less experience, attempt to grow a garden… of some sort. Hopefully I’ll be successful, but even if I’m not, then at least I will have learned something.

Or not. It could go either way quite honestly. 🙂

~ Jeffery

One thought on “I am NOT a gardener!”

  1. LMAO! Go Jeffery! Too bad you don’t live a couple hundred miles further north, I’d let you use a 20′ x 20′ spot in my yard! It’s been so wet up here, I hadn’t even considered a garden, but now that you mentioned it, I really should. I need to get some greens going and get started back on my juicing regime, I’ve gained back half the 70# I lost the year before last.

    I’m looking forward to watching your garden grow!

    BTW, I’m NOT a gardener either.

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