The End End of April News

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I did reinstall my blog over at Saltwater Fish Keeping and I was able to save all the posts and pages, but I need to put more work into it, but the critical part is done (yay!).

Eventually I hope to purchase a general WordPress theme that I can use for all my sites. I don’t mind the freebie ones quite so much but unless I want to learn coding I’m very limited on what the themes allow me to do.

I need to go through my old ebook, the one I wrote, and update it, at least the links, so I can release it again. It’s a nice compliment to the WordPress Installation and Maintenance Services I offer.  It also looks like I’m picking up some website work. YAHOO!!

I’m still working through the paperwork to allow me to go to school full time, I have another crucial step I’ll complete this afternoon.

– Jeffery