End of April News

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Here’s a brief update:

I need to put my Saltwater Fish Keeping blog into a maintenance mode while I rebuild it to see if I can overcome some issues with it. I think it happened when I first moved it to the new host. I didn’t export and import it, I copied the files and I think that’s why I’ve been having issues with it.

I plan on making a backup and then redoing the whole thing.

For my Starting A Blog blog, I’m torn between redoing some videos or just pressing on. The audio is terrible because I didn’t have good equipment then, but the videos themselves are informative.

And a pretty devastating turn of events for my I am NOT a gardener! blog; several of my seeds became moldy (mouldy?) and some of the ones that did sprout appear to have died.

Both my daughters are in track and they go to different schools so I’m going to two track meets every week. At Wednesday’s meet my daughter took first in the 1500. At Thursday’s meet early on in the meet I got caught in a brief, torrential downpour that soaked me. I couldn’t stop shaking. My daughter told me several times it was okay if I went home, she’s so sweet.

But I stayed. My clothes and jackets are still damp today however.

Easter was nice. It was me, my kids, my sister, parents, and my brother’s family. The kids and I went to his church to watch my niece in their program.

I ended up having to drop out of some of my classes because of financial aid delays and I’d rather not play catch up for a lower grade because I’ve missed assignments and quizzes.

I also need to get some lighting for my work area here at home, it’s fine if I’m recording the screen, but too dark if I’m videoing myself just for updates such as this.

– Jeffery