Long Time No Blog, Well, Not Really

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It sure feels that way though. I’ve been blogging, quite actively in fact, just not here.

I started a blog about my gardening exploits (or lack thereof) over at I am NOT a gardener. Now I’ve done a lot of research into gardening for money such as gourmet mushrooms, baby corn, antique roses, corn/soy for biodiesel, etc. but as far as actually gardening goes, I have very little practical experience.

I also moved my internet marketing blog from Sweaty Shop over to Starting a Blog.org and I have created some training videos on how to set up your own WordPress blog. I also offer WordPress installation and maintenance services for those who want a blog but without the extra work like setting it up and making backups.

I’ve been making homemade root beer and recently starting experimenting with making it from scratch, I’ve been making healthy pro-biotic filled drinks such as water keifer, and I’ve gotten back into maintaining my Saltwater Fish Keeping site. I’m outsourcing a lot of those articles, but I go over them before they get published.

While recording the training videos I starting thinking about changing this blog to more of a vblog (video blog) instead of writing. I’m thinking I’m more likely to keep this updated that way and it’s closer to acting, which I thoroughly enjoy doing. It’s not quite the same of course, but closer than this is now.

I’ve started dating again, off and on. More off than on however. I tend to be busy with other things. I’ve started school again. We will see how that goes. Anyway, that’s enough for this post. Check out my other blogs and I’ll catch ya later, gator. 😉


– Jeffery