How To Set Up A Blog And Forum – Picking Your Topic

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Welcome to part three of How To Set Up A WordPress Blog And Forum.

I meant to write this sooner after the last one, but I was unable to get to it before today. I intend to write this series about every week or so, but I wanted to get you going a tad sooner.

There’s quite a difference of opinion when picking a topic for a blog about whether you should find a viable market to blog about or whether you should blog about your hobbies or interests.

I agree with one of my colleges when he said it depends. Some people can take a topic that they aren’t interested in and write about it with no problem where other people will get bored and stop putting their best efforts into it.

So if you can write about a topic you have no passion about, then find a market but if both things are equal to you then I’d give more consideration to what interests you. If you can’t see yourself blogging beyond a few months then you really are better off going for what interests you.

For our blog and forum exercise we will be using the topic of fishkeeping. I was looking into affiliate products of another nature when I ran across this one. As I mentioned in the last post it was a former hobby of mine and I miss it. I used to keep both freshwater and marine (saltwater) tanks.

It’s one of the few hobbies I had where I actually spent a lot of time reading about it. I used to subscribe to a magazine and I read almost every article in it each month. Yeah, I knew my way around. I can’t keep a fish tank in the apartments I live in, so I will have to live vicariously.

Since we have a topic, next we will do some basic marketing research. I am not an expert and I don’t claim to be. Again, this is more for my passion than my wallet so I’m mainly doing this exercise for any of you who know less about research than I do.

I will set this up even if it’s an abysmal market because it’s an active hobby. And I want to walk you through something that’s exciting to me.

Now I don’t have time in this article to do the marketing or keyword research and I don’t want each post to be a mini-novel, so we will save that for next time.

– Jeffery