Planting Seeds, Flowers, Vegetables, and Fruit, Oh My!!

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Down but not out!!

Or something like that. After my huge failure as a newcomer to the gardening scene, I have seeds, new seeds, better (not really) seeds, seeds to begin again <insert maniacal laughter here>.

Okay, so what am I planting?


Giant White Peruvian Corn
Giant White Peruvian Corn

More giant, white Peruvian corn to be specific. Only a couple of my original seeds survived, so I got more. If you are new to my blog you may wonder why I’d want more seeds of a corn that failed, beyond the novelty aspect of it. It was entirely my fault. You can read all about my failures in the post called Planting the Seeds of Despair

Green Roses

Green Rose
Ain’t it cool looking?

That’s right, green! I saw several colors I wanted, lots of novelty colors. The roses I originally wanted back when I started my garden were no longer available. Roses are my favorite flower.

Rutgers Tomato

Rutgers Tomato
Rutgers Tomato. For my parents.

They were developed and released in the period between WW I and WW II. I don’t like tomatoes, but my parents do.

White Strawberries

White Alpine Strawberry
Do they taste like snow?

I had never heard of white strawberries before, these are an Alpine Strawberry. Whatever that is. They’re kind of cool looking, no matter how they taste. I wonder if I can find them in the dark? 😉

Black Strawberries

Black Strawberry
A black strawberry. Weird, right?

That’s right, black strawberries! A pineberry, whatever that is. I doubt I can pick them when it’s dark, but I’m looking forward to it.

What now?

I have them all planted but the strawberries, I didn’t read the strawberry’s description far enough (don’t judge me) and thus didn’t know that the strawberries had actual planting instructions until… well… this morning. Ahem. Anyway they are supposed to go into the freezer for a while to increase germination rates.

In another post I’ll go over how I planted the seeds I have now planted. We’ll see how it goes.