What Does Your Garden Grow?

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What things did you plant in your garden this year? By the way, I’m going to be asking that question again at the end. I know that one of the biggest questions people have is “What did you try to plant, you first time gardener, you.”?

What I planted

Corn. Oh sure, I know, that’s practically a standard, but this wasn’t just ANY corn, this was a rare, white Peruvian corn. Just look at how big those kernels are! In my dad’s bog-like seed starter kit, some of the seeds turned moldy, some sprouted and withered, but some survived. Not many however.

Mayan Corn
Ginormous is a word, isn’t it?


Chocolate. Well specifically sprouted cocoa seeds that would grow into plants, just for me. Chocolate on demand! It’s every man’s dream!! Since they were sprouted I should have planted them directly into soil, however I thought I could buy myself some planting time by putting them in with the seed starter stuff. That might have worked if the seed starter stuff wasn’t practically a bog, instead they died in place.

Sprouted cocoa seeds


Coffee. I used to have a coffee plant, a long long time ago. It was indoors and actually grew quite well in front of a southern-facing window, even better than it did outdoors. Alas, before it ever produced its first bean, it fell and broke and died. So far, no sprouts have grown from these.


Raw Coffee Bean
It doesn’t look so tasty when it’s not covered in chocolate


What’s next for me?

I think I’m going to buy some more seeds and try that. I bought myself some soil and my own seed starter kit, complete with instructions I’m going to read. In another post I’ll write what I plan on planting. I’m also going to post updates on how my garden is doing, the issues I’m having with it and of course, an update on dad’s grapes.

So, what things did you plant in your garden this year?